Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Need a guide to finding a great gift this holiday season? Jewelry has been a traditional gift for millenia. Beautiful stones, metals, and ornaments have been able to bring us feelings of wellness, esteem, and an intimate connection to those who gave us these items as tokens of their affections. In a year when social distance from our loved ones has been the new normal, a custom-made piece of jewelry is a great way to give your loved ones a reminder of those they hold dear even when they’re not

In Character: Bushwick’s neocabaret clown Allegra Meshuggah

Your job title is a little hard to decipher. I’ve been trying to describe my work for years and the closest I’ve gotten is neo-clown-costumed-cabaret-drag-physical-comedy artist. But that’s a bit of a mouthful. Tell me about your drag clown troupe, Fou York. We’re the East Coast branch of a long-standing San Francisco troupe called Fou Fou Ha! When I moved here two years ago, I brought all of my knowledge and learning from my clown family in the Bay and started teaching a new brood to embrace

These New Yorkers’ day jobs help locals’ sex lives

You transitioned from being a writer to selling sex toys at SHAG. What’s the new gig like? It’s been a lot of fun. We had to go through weeks of training before we were allowed to be alone in the shop. You have to know about the inventory, the toys. I also had to get comfortable talking about this stuff with strangers. Has the job affected you personally? I think it’s made me a little less shy about my desires, my body and my need for a satisfying sex life. It’s made me a bit bolder. I’m bett

San Francisco nightlife, club culture, DJ music, electronic music.

The Bay Area is on lockdown, we've been put in detention for our safety and the community at large. We here at Nitevibe find this as a silver lining opportunity to create, build and rejuvenate. And though this is causing financial hardship and anxiety on all of us, together we can support and make things easier through our online interactions. We're just getting started on compiling a list of things you can enjoy In the comfort of your home while supporting our dj/dance community. you can check